Atlas Navi’s blockchain-enabled navigation app surpasses 150,000 downloads


Atlas Navi, the company seeking to reinvent the way we navigate around traffic, today announced a new milestone in the development of its A.I. blockchain app. Launched in July following a grassroots word-of-mouth campaign, the navigation app initially saw 75,000 downloads in less than three weeks, with 65,000 people signing up for the service. As the new app gained traction amongst motorists, the number of downloads more than doubled in August to surpass 150,000. 

As more users join Atlas Navi’s network, the app will be able to provide more real-time data to drivers while kickstarting the tokenized in-app economy based on activity-generated $MILE tokens, $NAVI cryptocurrency, and stunning 3D vehicle NFTs. 

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Drivers who use Atlas Navi generate tokens that can be traded for the apps’ native cryptocurrency, allowing them to purchase, rent, and sell rarity-based 3D vehicle NFTs that appear in-app to other drivers. Tokens are generated by the user’s smartphone camera or dashcam which the app uses to analyze with computer vision algorithms up to  25 frames per second in order to understand road conditions automatically and generate 100x more data than navigation apps currently on the market. 

This data is then used to alert other drivers of road conditions and hazards, and reroute for safer and faster travel. 

“With 150,000 users now generating unique traffic data of real-time road conditions, we’re starting to see better routes than other navigation apps, in select cities,” said George Grama, founder and CEO of Atlas Navi. “By rewarding drivers with an in-app economy that allows them to purchase rare NFTs, we are empowering them to create lasting value through the data they generate while making the world a better place.”

By utilizing machine learning, computer vision, and integrated crypto wallets that reward drivers who provide the most data, Atlas Navi is well positioned to disrupt the navigation app industry.

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