Ankr Partners With Major Ethereum competitor

Ankr keeps adding to its diverse set of partnerships, this time working something out with a major ETH competitor. 


  • Ankr Partners With Polygon
  • Future Prospects For Ankr And Polygon

Ankr Partners With Polygon

Leading Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr announced the other day that it has partnered with Polygon to aid developers looking to create application-specific blockchains using Polygon Supernets.

Polygon couldn’t be more excited to partner with ANKR for providing world-class tooling for building dedicated blockchains,” Parth Pathak, manager of Polygon Edge. 

The Supernets are a part of the Polygon Edge initiative that helps build scalable and decentralized private or public EVM-compatible blockchain networks or sidechains. More importantly, it gives developers the ability to create their own blockchain while allowing them to seamlessly tap into the existing infrastructure of the EVM network.

Providing the access to the infrastructure is Ankr through its App Chains initiative. The Web3 infrastructure provider offers end-to-end engineering solutions that combine world-class security, throughput, and customization. 

To drive Web3 mass adoption, we must provide consumers with a better UX than Web2. Enhancing the UX is possible only by streamlining Web3 development, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Polygon Supernets and provide developers with the necessary infrastructure to build efficiently,” said Kev Silk manager of Ankr App Chain. 

Future Prospects For Ankr And Polygon

With Ethereum’s recently complete, and with it the transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), the question remains how Polygon fits into the crypto landscape.

Polygon was originally developed as a scaling solution that helped make Ethereum’s bustling network more scalable by making it cheaper, faster, and more eco-friendly to transact on via a sidechain. However, the transition to PoS doesn’t leave Polygon out in the cold thanks to Polygon’s efforts to diversify.

With partnerships like the one with the Ethereum-based Ankr, as well as fostering its own DeFi and NFT communities, Polygon is well positioned to stay relevant in the post-Eth merge world.

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