All 5000+ of My Instagram Accounts Are Fake, Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Gives A Reminder

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Ethereum Founder Gives a Regular Reminder.

Vitalik Butrin, the Ethereum co-founder and Canadian writer, has once again warned the public about the various Instagram accounts impersonating him on Instagram to defraud people. 

In a Twitter post on Monday, the software developer noted that the more than 500 profiles on Instagram with the name “Vitalik Buterin, Bütеirn, or whatever” posting on Instagram are fake and have nothing to do with him. 

“Regular reminder: all 5000+ of my Instagram accounts are fake profiles and have nothing to do with me. Anything you see “Vitalik Buterin” (or “Bütеirn” or whatever) posting on Instagram is a scam,” the tweet read. 


Meanwhile, earlier this year, an Instagram imposter account decorated with photos of Vitalik Buterin, which is very similar to the one the Ethereum co-founder uses on his profile, deceived the audience with sponsored posts and advertisements. 

The attack was described as a sinister scam by Yoloswagmonster, a content creator on TikTok. He also explained that the fake account was based in Israel, and some of the usernames in the account were all trying to be Butrin. 

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