Why NBA Athletes are Turning to Web3 to Build Generational Wealth

Black culture is inarguably popular and drives commerce, making many corporations billions in revenue yearly while somehow leaving the source of brand identity inspiration out of the loop. Web3 technology is creating an avenue to close that gap through the empowerment of visible black culture leaders as bridges between underserved communities, underpaid industries, and this emerging tech market. This vision, though specific, doesn’t just benefit black and brown communities, it benefits everyone touched by these industries, including artists, collectors, K-12 students in the cities of Akron, Ohio; Lowell, Massachusetts; the borough of Brooklyn, New York, and many more urban neighborhoods where underserved black and brown people live. We feel we’re all on the same team, and we’re ready to empower NBA athletes and our own community through the metaverse basketball league we’re building at Rumble Kong League. Let’s see if we’re right in 10 years time.