DigitalBits Blockchain Launches The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation App In Order To support Its Environmental Missions

MONTE CARLO, Monaco, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation App, built on the DigitalBits blockchain, allows benefactors to make donations in DigitalBits cryptocurrency and to purchase NFT tickets to select events, but also to support various FPA2 projects dedicated to ocean conservation, the protection of emblematic species and the promotion of sustainable development. DigitalBits is fast and eco-friendly compared to many other blockchains. The FPA2 application and embedded crypto wallet will also be used during several events which will take place in Monaco and abroad throughout the year. It will allow attendees to register and enable the use of DigitalBits cryptocurrency as donations in support of various FPA2 projects. The mobile application for the foundation was unveiled today at the Monaco Crypto Summit. A press conference was hosted at the Grimaldi Forum in the presence of Olivier Wenden, Vice President of the FPA2.

About DigitalBits Blockchain:

DigitalBits is a layer-one blockchain protocol that prioritizes security, speed, and cost-savings. Any asset can be tokenized on the DigitalBits blockchain, including NFTs created by artists, sports organizations, and other brands. By making micropayments efficient and cost-effective, DigitalBits provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

About the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation:

Founded in 2006 by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Foundation works to preserve the Planet and promote sustainable development at a local and global scale. Its missions address major issues such as the fight against climate change, the protection of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, the preservation of water resources and the fight against desertification. Raising awareness on these environmental challenges is an essential component of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s action, particularly committed to the safeguard of the Ocean and the Earth.

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