Blocktickets, NFT and Blockchain Ticketing Platform enters Indian market

Blockchain, cryptographic money, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have all captivated the public recently. Blocktickets, a blockchain-based company, has launched a multi-chain NFT-based tagging stage that rewards all stakeholders. Blocktickets has now entered the Indian market and hopes to expand its influence as Indians quickly adopt the new technology.

Blocktickets transform dreary tickets that were meant to be discarded into a delightful experience. With clever agreements, tokens, and NFTs, they make the ever-evolving event business more fantastic and exciting for all parties. Blocktickets’ innovative concept uses blockchain technology to provide a simple and decentralized system for securing and selling smart tickets. A stage enables occasion organizers to include a clever agreement in their tickets that determines the ticket’s floor price, maximum price, sale, and eminences. Advertisers may use brand NFTs to creatively attract ticket buyers, and new pay channels can be created by personalizing tickets as unique NFTs.

After selling over 2000 NFT tickets in under 30 minutes for the World’s First Holi Event on Metaverse, Blocktickets is now working with the best Indian Event Coordinators and the Indian Film Industry.

Our USD 70 Bn global tagging industry is classic. The amount of optional ticket agreements that go to promoters is USD 15 Bn. To make matters worse, the sponsors and promoters who spend USD 65.8 Bn on events have no information or commitment with ticket buyers. Also, event organizers cannot use tickets as security or collect funds for their events. No one stage coordinates all parties – Event Organizers, Financiers, Primary Buyers, Secondary Buyers, Advertisers, etc.

Blocktickets intends to develop smart contracts, and blockchain, by including all parties, including artists, event planners, financiers, early ticket buyers, secondary ticket buyers, fans, and promoters. Blocktickets is a web 3.0 tagging stage that promises to transform gaming, cinema, performances, exhibits, airlines, hotels, and sponsorships.

“We’ve seen trends in blockchain and global progress. Metaverse and DeFi have expanded the degree and provided new opportunities. Because NFTs are vital in this universe, we believe they will be used to revolutionize the tagging industry. We can accomplish so much more by selling tickets as NFTs. They may become unique collectibles. It’s like building lifelong memories while also solving some of the most fundamental business concerns. Blocktickets is about that idea, and we think the Indian market will assist us “Blocktickets founders Abhinav Garg and Nishant Chandra.

Jaspreet Bindra has joined the organization’s leadership group of Advisors to help it achieve its mission and make better decisions for its customers. Bindra is the Managing Director and Founder of Tech Whisperer Limited, a UK-based advisory and consulting firm focused on Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain, and the Future of Work. Bindra was also Group Chief Digital Officer at Mahindra Group and Regional Director at Microsoft India. Mint and SAP recognized him as ‘Digitalist of the Year’ in 2017. He is also a Global Moderator/Educator for Harvard Business and a Partner and Chapter Leader of Singularity University. “I’m very excited about Blocktickets and how it’ll disrupt the tagging industry. Blocktickets, with its first-mover advantage, robust pioneer item fit, MOAT of films and Indian content, I hope, will become the name inseparable from NFT based tickets in the country, and globally “he said.