Experts believe ETH2.0 could be the real killer for Ethereum layer-1 scaling solutions

  • Ethereum’s attempt to resolve the blockchain network’s scalability problem could kill layer-1 scaling solutions. 
  • Though layer-1 solutions may not become irrelevant immediately after the launch of ETH2.0, these projects may lose their utility.
  • Analysts have predicted that the growth of layer-2 scaling solutions combined with upgrades could limit layer-1 projects. 

On-chain activity and utility of Ethereum layer-1 scaling solutions may be negatively impacted by the launch of ETH2.0. The implementation of sharding and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism could make layer-1 scaling solutions irrelevant. 

ETH2.0 may be the real killer for layer-1 scaling solutions

Based on Coinbase’s recent institutional market intelligence report, layer-1 scaling solutions could lose their relevance and utility with the launch of ETH2.0. 

Though there is a spike in the popularity of layer-1 scaling solutions due to high gas fees on the Ethereum network, there could be a drop in the utility of the projects. The altcoin network is attempting to resolve the scalability problem of Ethereum through sharding and proof-of-stake. 

Layer-1 scaling solutions could become irrelevant. Proponents believe that ETH2.0 could scale over time, and until then, Ethereum killers could witness a spike in adoption. 

A majority of the layer-1 project development is happening on the Ethereum blockchain. The report reveals a total of 214 projects, with over $156 billion in total value locked. Ethereum layer-1 alternatives offer users a faster and cheaper option in the absence of ETH2.0. 

@venturefounder, a crypto analyst and trader, believes that after staying close to 100% supply in profit for months, the correction brought the profitable supply down to 75%. The price is close to the September 2021 correction, $3,000; Ethereum could capitalize further in the ongoing blood bath. 

FXStreet analysts expect Ethereum price to bounce back to $4,000.