Area group fights malaria in Kenya | Feature Story

Ripple Effects Group, a 501(c)3 organization, recently launched Be Light Candle RE to support Ripple Effects mission of breaking the cycles of desperation and hopelessness by positively transforming communities.

The initiative includes the creation of high-quality, hand-made and poured candles to support the missions and programs of Ripple Effects. Although Ripple Effects started in Rocky Mount, it’s impact through Be Light Candles RE stretches across the U.S. borders to its second location into Kenya.

In Oyugis, Kenya, malaria is one of the leading causes of death spread through mosquitoes.

Some candles being offered through Be Light Candles RE infuse the air with aromas, sparing people from mosquito bites that cause this deadly disease. In the U.S., candles are appreciated for their aroma alone, but these candles can improve the quality of life in Oyugis.

“When you buy a candle, you are being a light to another person and possibly even saving lives,” said Keisha Spivey, executive director of Ripple Effects. “Our products in Be Light Candle RE allows each of our customers to become Light Ambassadors. Through being an ambassador, every candle that is sold allows us to provide an insect repellant candle to a family in Kenya.”

People can support Ripple Effects by ordering candles, Christmas gifts and becoming a Light Ambassador online at